Monday, July 16, 2007

Love Me, or Love Me Not

Looks like I've reached the first love scene in Masks. This is where I could lose a huge percentage of my audience if I'm not careful, although this is the era of Brokeback Mountain. At the risk of alienating a bunch of people, I wasn't impressed with Brokeback Mountain. I admired its daring, and I loved the opening scenes, but as it progressed it lost a lot of power, and the ending was weak. They certainly captured that first blush of "ooo aahhh" when two people are mutually attracted but too chicken to do anything about it. I liked that a lot, and I thought it was brilliant. The plot structure lacked a lot of luster and dynamic, though. I was left feeling with the sense that it won a bunch of awards simply because it existed, not because it was an award-caliber film.

Anyway, moving on.

In Masks you're inside a character's head when he gets caught up in his hormonal rush, and that makes it difficult to distance yourself if you don't want to go there. My mission, and I've chosen to accept it, is to show love and lust in all its intoxicating glory to the point that hopefully the audience can forget that these are two men. Unfortunately, it may end up sounding very girly in the process unless I keep it physical, and physical writing will involve, well, parts!

Mark must remain masculine. He's effeminate and submissive, but deep down he's all man and ultimately he resents the way his height, station and life circumstances have made him behave the way he does around men. In this scene he will begin to blossom sexually for the first time, and it's going to be a rough ride (no pun intended, but I left it because it's fun.) If I flinch, I'll be cheating. I have to write this hard scene.

Wish me luck. I'll need it.


Ris said...

Very much luck indeed! I'm all for the not going there if its sex for sex's sake, but you're making it so much more, which makes it Important for the Character to the Story, all important, capital ingredients for a necessary scene. Have at it!!

Carole said...

No sex for sex's sake! Yawn, boring, decades of boredom. I have confidence that you won't get girly yet still be able to bring out his first real hormonal rush without going Brokeback Mountain on it.

BTW, the Brokeback Mountain short story is much better than the movie. I have it if you haven't read it and would like to.

(and leave the flinching to the hummingbirds...)

KamiZM said...

Yes, I would like to read the Brokeback Mountain story! I've wondered quite a bit about it. Great title.

Well, the scene is done and I'm moving right along. I keep coming up with more ideas, and I have no idea how the pace is moving. Gah, this feels more and more like a first draft again, which is exciting to write but I wonder if the end will be so rough that I'll still have plot work to do. Yikes and yikes.