Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Late nights with a jester

Lately I've been writing on Masks very late, sometimes until 2am. Maybe it's the warm weather, although that doesn't make any sense because my office is cool and makes a great retreat when everyplace else is uncomfortably hot. I know my sleep cycle is out of whack, although I'm not sure if it's the writing, or if I'm writing because it fills the time while my sleep cycle is out of whack.

The nice thing about writing at night is that I don't feel guilty about not getting various chores done inside and out. Another thing is that the house is really quiet, and there are no interruptions. I miss morning writing, though. I have more stamina, and if an idea is really moving me forward, I can keep going all day (provided work doesn't get in the way.)

It's almost 1am now and I'm finally tired and ready for bed. Have to work tomorrow, er, today. Eck. No rest for the wicked! Or something like that.


Carole said...

For me, when I'm heavily into writing something or parts are weighing heavily on my mind (read: my subconscious is close to working out details), this is when my sleep schedule goes out of whack.

KamiZM said...

You're onto something there for sure. At least I'm not feeling wasted from 6 or less hours of sleep a night. I'm sure eventually I'll crash ...

We can crash when the manuscripts are done! Go team!