Monday, July 2, 2007

False starts and youth

I had my first false start with the Masks revision, opening the party scene. After talking with Ris (who was apparently standing in for my muse while the muse was on vacation, most likely someplace in or near Alaska) I realized that starting the party scene at the front door was the classicly wrong place to do it. So I did what most professional writers advise you do.

Start in the middle.

Oh yeah, Mark, who hadn't planned on drinking, is drunk and Mark, who can normally memorize quite a few names in a sitting and can recall entire conversations word for word, is having trouble keeping everyone straight. Mark is messed up and sure that he's in trouble.

And suddenly the party is a lot more fun to write.

Thanks, Ris!

1 comment:

Ris said...

You're welcome! Have fun with the party (because I'm sure Mark will end up regretting the whole mess).