Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Needed to rant.
Remember that contract I refused to sign?  I got an alternate contract, similar to the one from the previous editor.  All good.  They still had the right to publish it in the magazine, on the web, e-mail it to subscribers... only real difference is that I owned it.  Which is what writing is.  Publishers don't buy your writing, they pay for a license to publish your writing.

Sorry, you probably don't need a Business of Writing 101 recap.

Anyway, noticed the article was on their website the yesterday with a handful of very positive comments from readers.  Except the byline said it was written by 'staff.'  I sent this e-mail:

(Name Redacted)-

Just noticed that my last article is up on the website without my byline.

(Website Redacted)

The contract I refused to sign would have allowed that.  That's one of the reasons I didn't sign it.  Can you have this fixed please?

Thank you,


Checked this morning and the article has been taken down.  The editor would rather lose the article than put my name on it.  Not happy.  But if this is the way the magazine has changed I do expect it to lose all of the professional writers.

Maybe not.