Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's Not all Crickets

The silence on INK has been deafening, like the sound of crickets you get when you ask for volunteers...

Things are moving apace in my little writing world.

Sold my third article to Concealed Carry Magazine.  It's been a series on different types of violent criminals.  Asked to do a regular column.

Three e-books out at Smashwords.  Two are compilations of the blog with some added material.  One is based on the course I did for Savvy Authors.  (Thanks, Mark, for the recommendation.)  Kami did the covers for all three and they look great.  A fourth e-book will be out before the end of the week, barring the unexpected.  It's a collection of drills and some people seem really eager to see it.

"Facing Violence" is scheduled for a May release and already available for pre-order.  There is a signing scheduled for 7 PM, May 25th at Powell's in Beaverton.  And in early September we should be filming a DVD version in Boston.

The collaboration with Lawrence Kane is pretty much done and we're looking at an Autumn 2012 release through YMAA.  YMAA also bought "A Citizen's Guide to Police Use of Force" for 2012 release and David wants to do a print version of the Drills Manual, but that won't be out until late 2012 at the earliest, probably 2013.

Conflict Communications has been blowing away audiences, but the book is going slower than I had hoped.  First draft is long done, but hammering out changes is hard.  Collaboration isn't for sissys.

Next project is a handbook on crisis communication for the Mentally Ill/Emotionally Disturbed.  Basically just putting in words what I did for most of my last  several years at MCIJ.  Doubt if it will come out to full book length.  If not, another e-book.

Busy is good.