Saturday, July 7, 2007

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Title: Writing? What's Writing?

It's been a week since I've done any writing whatsoever (other than blog writing or notes neither of which I count). That's the longest I've gone without writing something towards or on a story or novel since, hmmm, about January 2005. I think it was a Thursday when I picked it back up after a month break from the first NaNo.

Not to say I haven't had anything to work on; I'm in the early stages of screwing up a great short story idea which is the point just before I sort out what direction things are going to dart off in, and I still have that cat story that I'm not going to get back to before the end of the month.

Wednesday afternoon, before fireworks while sitting in a decidedly early 1970's decor steakhouse, we played one of my favorite games: Profiling characters in the room. There was Ida from the farm in Iowa who had flown in specifically to be with family for the 4th, Ed who with his 3rd trophy wife was trying to impress a new manager and his unimpressable wife fresh in from St. Louis, Joel at the bar was 2 sheets to the wind and working on the 3rd and trying to sound charming to the younger waitresses...until his wife showed up hot and sweaty from watching the kids down at the pool alone. And we can't forget Lana, the transsexual, who looked like she missed her turnoff to Las Vegas and wound up trying to get Joel's attention...and she did but honey, you'll need to work on that baritone voice if you don't want men spilling their drinks all over themselves.

Naturally, I took notes on them all. It's what I do best somedays.

After a major project completion here at home tomorrow/Monday, I should be back in the writing saddle again. And just for the record, I've checked five more books off the 'Read Books' list -- Joyce Carol Oates - Haunted, 2006 Best of SF&F, Sister Salty - Sister Sweet, and 2 Jack Ketchum horror tales. Man, is that last guy's writing smooth.

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