Friday, February 15, 2008

WotF Honorable Mention for Carole!

A little after 8:30 tonight we got a voicemail message from Joni Labaqui with Writers of the Future. She was trying to reach Carole. Of course, I had to rapidly call Carole in care of Kami at Radcon and leave her the specifics. After a brief time, Carole called me back with an update on the purpose of the call...

If I had been keeping up with the WotF blog, I probably would have put it together before I called Carole, but this was better as she got to hear it straight from Joni. That's right, Joni was looking for permission to post Carole's name in the Honorable Mention announcements that are currently being posted at the WotF blog!

Carole was told the update was going to be made tonight and I've been watching like a hawk, but it's not there yet. However, I will drop a link here and we can watch for the official news together.


I hope this reinforces, in a major way, the comments you've gotten on most of your other submissions that you are DEFINITELY on the right track. It's just a matter of time before that first contract follows!

And to all of the rest of us, may this be a reinforcement to keep it up. There are still notifications going out, so there is yet a chance that there will be further celebration in store for INK!


Steve said...

HA! It's up!

Again, congratulations
'C.S. Cole of Washington' !!

Carissa said...

Excellent!! Egads, this is fantastic. Just what Carole needs when she won't believe us in how strong her writing is.

So there, Carole. Take that! Hehe.

I'm a grinning fool right now. We need BIG celebration.

Carole said...

How weird! My name online when I didn't post it? Odd.

*still doing Snoopy dance*

See you guys soon.

Kami said...

I'm still bouncing and it wasn't even me that got the honorable mention. INK rocks!

Carole said...

Looks like Kami's friend, Renee Stern also won an honorable mention spot! Washington is being well represented!

Thanks for your words, INK. I promise to listen better in the future.