Tuesday, February 5, 2008

On Hold

I was aiming to have a short story ready for the next INK meeting. Turns out that isn't going to happen. I'm having a momentary slump in writing enthusiasm, brought on, I think, by a continuing level of expectation on my part that is unrealistic.

It stems from this overriding feelign that I've got to revise and edit several time over any story that I've written. Stack that on top of daily writing goals, the Reven revision, the desire to be working on Trinket Box, and a rather short time frame between INK meetings and INK submitting, and I'm afraid I'm drowning in words. Too many stories trying to crowd me at once. It's like trying to juggle babies. No one is having any fun.

So for this week, at least, I'm giving myself a breather to rethink what I think I should be doing. I have a great excuse, too, with tomorrow being my birthday. After tomorrow, I'll follow my gut and work on what feels right instead of what I feel I should be working on.


yeff said...

I find that trying to have both revision and new writing going at the same time is incredibly hard. There's only so much time, and I tend to lean towards new words as part of continuing to build the skill.

But then I end up with a pile of stories on the desk all saying "revise me and send me out!". Sheesh. Where's those extra hours in the day I ordered a while back.

In other news, LJ tells me it's your birthday. So Happy Birthday! Have a fun one!

- yeff

Carissa said...


It is difficult to find the time to do both. If I structure my day right, I can do it, but now I, too, am swimming in too many stories needing revisions. I feel like I need three or four marathon revision days just to try to get a little caught up.

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I had a great day!