Monday, August 13, 2007


I still haven't written my synopsis for Comet-Crossed (or thought up a better title). I have figured out what the hold up is. It feels like a mountain that I've never climbed before, the one where the first steps are right along a sheer drop. One misstep and I'm a person pancake.

Only it really isn't a mountain. It's more like a molehill, and I like molehills. I like to dig up the nice dirt to use in my garden. Meaning that whatever I push up in the synopsis, I'll be able to shovel over into the story.

I like that analogy.

The other big reason has been time. I haven't seemed able to sit down more than once at the typewriter a day, so rather than work on a story, I need to work on the synopsis instead. I didn't want to accept that right away, but now that I have, I really have no other excuses.

So, I absolutely will hammer out a rough draft to my synopsis (that being the other hold back, that I'd have to write a magnificent, fully realized synopsis on my first try--d'oh). And I will have it hammered out by tomorrow. There. Goal set in print.

And then I can start revising my excerpt. And the synopsis. Yay!

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