Monday, August 6, 2007

Here Again

I think I have enough rough draft of Comet-Crossed to start editing it for submission to the writers workshop. I have just over 6000 words, which gives me room to grow during the edit. I'm going to do a full on edit, too, but first I want to get started on the synopsis so I know the best way to take the edit. I'm looking forward to it.

But it means photocopying, so I'll be running out today to make some copies. Which means I'll finally get my script copied, too, and I can start toying with that in my spare time.

Not that I think I'll have a lot of spare time. The house and yard have overgrown a bit since last week's camping, so this week I'll be cutting it all back. And I just picked up two new books to read. And I want to try to make some blackberry freezer jam. And I promised to take Kate to the park. And Friday I'll be out at Mom's all day since it will be our last day to see my nieces before they head back home to Texas. I gave all the girls disposable cameras, which they promptly filled, and I have the film developing now. We'll build photo albums on Friday for them all to have to take home. I got ones big enough to add other photos, too, because Kate has another camera full of film. She loves taking pictures.

I sent some of my film in too, but I still have 13 rolls left. Dang. How do I let them sit for so long? I think most of them are from Kate's first year. Once I get them all developed, I'll be organizing a new photo albums with them.

Lots in the works. It's fun to have so much going on, though it will be nice to have most of this week free to spend here at the house getting it cleaned up and the finishing the yard work. I still have debris from the great tree cutting fest to take to the wood recyclers, too. And gravel to dig up and move. And beds to weed. And and and

It just keeps going. I love it!

And in the mean time, much editing, more writing, some map-drawing and synopsis-making. And plotting plotting plotting!

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