Monday, August 20, 2007


I'm supposed to be polishing Masks but instead I've been daydreaming constantly about the second book. Luckily it's raining, and it doesn't look like it's going to let up any time soon. This means I'm probably off the hook as far as getting the yard and a half of mulch out of our pickup truck and into the garden, therefore, I can be very bad and start that very first (aka sucky) draft of Signet. I haven't hatched a plan for the last book of the trilogy yet aside from the climactic triumph/horror, but that's okay. I'm sure plot will present itself while I'm writing Signet. I'm not sure this needs to be a trilogy. Two books would be fine. But I'm also not convinced that two books, or a trilogy for that matter, is all I've got. It's a pretty plot-heavy universe and playing there is fun. If readers agree, this could end up being a series of unknown length. It would be fun to take Mark/Lark into old age. He would be a nasty player as an older man.

Quote I'm playing with to drop somewhere in Chapter Two of Signet: "I'm learning that the number of scars a man's body can wear are infinite. There's always room for one more without compromising the presence of all the others."


Ris said...

Nice quote! And I like the working title.

Man, I need a new title for Comet-Crossed. I'm hoping the synopsis will present me with one, along with the rest of the plot.

KamiZM said...

I'll be no help, as usual, with titles. Thank goodness the Masks novels have single word descriptions that work well for them, or I'd be el-screwoed.

Good luck fitting the synopsis within 500 words for the convention! I don't envy you.

Hey, wait, dang ... I need to write a synopsis too. Ack! Don't want to put together submissions package noooooooooooooooo