Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Not only have I condensed my impressive 8-page synopsis for Faith of the Four and One to only 3 pages, but today I made a screen. As in a window screen. My very first. And it even fits in the window with only a slight gap along the side and top. I can now throw open my kitchen window as wide as it can go. Huzzah!

Still digging out the front yard, though I'm down to only a three by five strip of gravel that is only about an 1 1/2 deep and fairly loose. It was too hot today to do any more than two barrows full, rather than the whole lot as I'd have liked. I've started laying out fill and when I have all the fill laid and the top soil amendment raked in, I'll plant the bag of crocus bulbs Mom gave me and then lay sod over the rest. And tada! Lawn!

And this weekend I get to buy my tree for it. And then begin work on the other, shorter half of the front yard. Whew. It sure would be awesome to have the entire front yard done by Fall. Gee, maybe I'll go ahead and get the other tree for that side to goad me on.

And back to writing news, tomorrow I'll edit down my three pages to two pages and start toning it towards the main character so it reads like her. Maybe I can then coax my fellow INKers to have a look at it for any suggestions. And then editing the MS excerpt. And I still have to do the final edit on my poems and get them in the mail, preferably by tomorrow.

The big wheel keeps on turning and I'm rolling, rolling, rolling . . .


Carole said...

Good job on the yard! Having a lawn by fall? You GO, girl!!

KamiZM said...

Holy moly! I'll definitely have to come see. You've done so much to the place since you've moved in, it's truly amazing.