Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Some (sum?) about me

Me be Kami and I mostly write fantasy when I'm not blogging. My fantasy novels don't include dragons or unicorns or elves and don't have Quests for the Mighty Widget which can only be gained when one has collected All Seven of the Coupons of Galdor. They tend not to have arch villians either. But enough about that.

I live on small acreage with a small family and the animals--animals that love us and outnumber us by a lot so it's good that they love us. It's beautiful here and that's inspiring. My husband has an ugly job and that's inspiring too. And he's inspiring in his own right. And other stuff is inspiring. Dang, it's all inspiring. Except vomiting. That's not very inspiring, and right now our region's denizens are sorely afflicted by the evil crud that has some of us coughing and sneezing and others putting our faces in places that we wouldn't ordinarily willingly place them. It's not a good time to be a local.

But it is a good time to write. It's almost always a good time to write. Hence, INK. Hence, this. Hence ... er ...

This is our blog, and we are INK. Welcome.

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Ris said...

Heya, Kami! Hope the evil crud passes you by quickly (so, would the evil crud be the Evil Archvillain in this part of your story?)