Wednesday, February 14, 2007


The yellow crocuses are blooming--they're always my first ones. When writing, often the first inspiration comes from a compelling character in a bad situation. That's my yellow crocus. Building the rest of the novel revolves around creating even worse situations, and also figuring out how the character got him or herself there in the first place, which also creates more badness. Without the bad, victory wouldn't taste sweet. It'd be pretty bland.

This time of year it's tempting to start a new project, but I really have to focus on Masks, especially this next section so that I can get it out to be critiqued by INK and the Lucky Labs. The yellow crocus has long faded away, and here I am in another, more complicated season, a cottage garden in full bloom. Lots of deadheading to do, and taking out plants that have died or no longer work in an area and replacing them with new plants.

Egad, I've made a silly metaphor.

Anyway, whether you're writing or gardening, remember to plant your sweet peas early, soak your bare root roses for an hour before planting, and fertilize. Whatever these mean to you metaphorically or in the garden, help your world bloom today! It's Valentine's Day! Yay!

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Ris said...

You mean you're suppose to soak bare roots for an hour? Dang! Nobody told me that!

How's fifteen minutes? Will fifteen minutes work?

Kinda describes my writing style too, I guess. :-)