Thursday, February 8, 2007

Not So Subtle Hint?

My horoscope for today:
If amping up you career isn't on the top of your to-do list right now, it should be.

And I have plenty of projects to occupy my time. I'm enjoying working on my newest one, which is fast turning into a trilogy by the looks of it. Guess the curse that plagues Kami and I is finally turning its sights on me--we can't seem to come up with a story idea that doesn't turn itself into more than one book. Which isn't at all a bad thing.

I'm pleased with the writing I did yesterday, considering it's all primarily scaffolding. Meaning it will doubtless be tore down in favor of a stronger, more direct opening in the editing process. But it was fun writing and got me well and truly into the story after I finished another round of research. I'll have to write more on scaffolding at another time. I'm keenly aware of its existence and enjoy nothing more than hunting it out and ripping it down.


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Ooooo...this theme is pretty!

Ris said...

Thanks! Hopefully Kami can still see it okay.