Friday, February 23, 2007

And We Have WORDS!

At long last, I have a fresh start on my old 8th Day story. It even has a fresh, new name. Gilly's Tale.

I just tapped out over 1300 words, and for an opening scene they aren't too bad, either. I like the tone, I like being able to slide from out of the scene into another period of time to show a little more characterization. I especially like the layers of point of view I'm creating.

It was fun writing, even it now my elbow is aching and my fingers are all stiff and cold. Been a long time since I wrote this much at one stretch. I'd keep going except now I'm making more typos than anything.

Tonight, maybe, or tomorrow morning.

Oh, it is good to be digging into this story again. I missed these characters.

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