Wednesday, February 7, 2007


I admit it, most sequels are bad. They try to recapture the magic of the first story and either go to extremes, and therefore become ludicrous, or they fall short and land on cliches.

But this sequel, our new INK blog, won't land on cliches. I can't promise a lack of the ludicrous, however.

So, I'm Ris ("Hi, Ris") and I'm a writer. (Oops, that was a cliche, wasn't it? So much for that.) I'm part of a writers kult that specializes in the brutal torture of other members' manuscripts and drinking lots of tea. We are all working on some form of novel whenever Real Life lets us. Me, I write fantasy with one of the other kult members. On my own time, I write historical fiction with a hint of mystery thrown in. I also am a long-suffering poet (but, really, who isn't?). And I intend to inflict myself upon the world of script-writing come June (because, gee, why not?).

Today, I've not written a word except for what you are reading here, but as soon as I finish here, I will be diving in to my newest story, an historical fiction with lots of intrigue and a dash of romance thrown in set in 1580s England. And let me tell you, the research on it is fun, fun, fun! Tudors. I just love them. And, well, can anyone say "pirate"?

More to come, I'm sure.

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