Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My Editing Moment

I tackled a Reven scene yesterday that I'd been putting off. I've been over the scene so many times I've lost track. Kami's been over it a couple times, too, pointing out where it works and where it doesn't (more didn't than did).

It's an important scene. We meet Uriel, one of the main characters in a protag/antag sort of way, for the first time, and Jamesina for only the second. It was important that I set up what their past relationship had been and how the current events, plus the politics of the day and the structure of the noble houses that they belong to, where working to undermine the trust between them. All that, plus a little backstory too and keeping the emotional tension high.

I think I finally nailed it. I let the scene sit for a good three months, and when I opened it up yesterday, I found every rough spot and, better yet, found a way to smooth it out. I was so pleased with the outcome! I desperately wanted to turn to someone and point to what I'd achieved, but, of course, only Kami would have fully understood all the implications of foreshadowing and the levels of tensions, since she's the only one who knows the full story.

It was just one of those wonderful moments of sublime aloneness, but you know, that was okay! I knew what I had just accomplished, and sooner or later, someone else (mainly Kami) will read it and be able to tell me if I did as well as I think I did.

Now I'm ready to tackle the next scene. And the last in this round of edits. Then I get to section off the next bit, do the read-thru for editing notes, and wait till Kami has the time (and energy) to tackle it with me!

But now I've got the editing bug again. It's going to be hard to wait!

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