Monday, January 28, 2008


I hit my 70 pages today. That feels good. I'm going to keep going, though, since I revised the short story I started last week to be the prequel to Inkwell Cult rather than the sequel. It's working better, too, and I hope Inkwell will work better because of it. And I just adore Travis, so any excuse to bring him into a story faster works for me.

I have another car 'character' to add to the story as well. I figured out that Travis drives a 1929 Ford Model A truck. I'm sure Carole will correct me if I'm not defining it right. Travis strikes me a truck kinda guy. I've not given a car before now because I didn't see him as flush enough to afford one (and with public transportation not a problem in 1930s Chicago, I didn't worry about it). But now he's had to get himself into the mountains of West Virginia, so it seemed wiser to give him a car.

He got it cheap at an estate auction after the owner's suicide after the Crash. It was close to new then, but he's driven it all over and so it isn't running so great now. And Travis, for all his manliness, isn't much for mechanics. I'm thinking that Maud, with one of the help's assistance, does tinker on cars, having had her dad's old Model T to play with. So she might offer to have a look at the truck, which would be a nice introduction for the two.

Which means I need to research some basics about engines in Model T's and Model A's. Um, Carole . . . ?


Carole said...

Sweet ride there. Yep, Ford made great trucks in 1929. Everything engine-wise and more can be found at:

Final production of Model A cars and trucks ended in March of 1932.

Carissa said...

Thanks, Carole. You are a car research phenom!