Sunday, January 20, 2008

One million words coming up

I got to meet with Ris today about a cowriting project we've worked on for quite some time.  We've had our moments of brilliance and insanity, sometimes at the same time.  I think at last we'll make some forward progress on it so that we can start the critiquing process and get it finished up.

On sober reconsideration I realize that this cowriting process is a lot like the process I went through with my very first novel.  If anything it's taken longer to get this story put together than it did Mayhem, but to be fair I didn't have as long periods of time between drafts, though I had some very long rest periods.  The time and distance has done nothing but good.  We've gotten back to the heart of the story, and I'm excited about what's going to happen next.  It may be that, before we're done, that we'll have put a million words into various cowriting projects, which means we might be past the crappy writing phase.  Or in this case, crappy cowriting phase.

Onward to writing!


Carissa said...

I collected all the word counts for the Reven stories (all incarnations, including the first one) and with those plus the sequel we wrote we're at just shy of 590,000 words.

Whew. That's a lot of words on two stories. I think we're going to end up close to our million by the time we get through the third book.

Did I mention the idea of cutting the idea of book two into two books and having the Reven-Jame story by a trilogy and then having Astrid's story be a follow-up?

Great meeting yesterday! I'm jazzed to get this thing into final draft!!

Kami said...

Ooo, a trilogy would be good. Maybe when we learn that Tenalla has an outbreak, that could be the split point. Unless we want to go with a different wall for them to bang their heads against.