Thursday, January 31, 2008

Trying to Contain Rays of Obnoxious Brightness

Lock me in a lead box before I irradiate my children.  I'm so excited by the reply from Nelson Literary Agency.  When I first started looking for a literary agency they really stood out.  I like their style a lot.  They're young and enthusiastic and they have some best sellers already on their sales list.  I hope they enjoy my submission and ask for more.  If not, I still feel I did well to catch their attention.  It lets me know that I'm on track with my query letters.  

Hopefully in two months or so I'll have more good news.  Now my question is, am I supposed to wait for them to respond or keep sending out queries?  I think I'll wait, simply because I have a good handful out there and some of those may come back with some interest too.  As much fun as having multiple offers might be on paper (or in this case, in phosphors) I'd find that really stressful.  Besides, this will give me a break from marketing so that I can focus on the whole reason I got myself into this in the first place:  Writing.


Carole said...

Big Congrats, no, HUGE Congratulations! I am so happy and happy for you! Can't you just feel me beaming happy vibes over there? I am, truly (and I'm not being snarky). Serious Congrats!!

As for sending any more inquires out, if it were me, I probably assemble one or two more just to have them in reserve, but hold off on sending them for a while.

Have a great day (like you wouldn't or something). :)

Kami said...

I've been walking about five feet off the ground. Reality is starting to sink in a little, though. Now I have a solid deadline. I need to go through Masks and not only make the changes inspired by our last meeting, but I need to try to discover as many trouble spots as I can through to the end of the manuscript before they request it.

I think that Masks is pretty strong as it stands, but it can be made stronger. Any manuscript can be made stronger. I wouldn't feel like I hadn't done my best if I got an email tomorrow and had to send it in as it is, but since I have the time, I'm going to use it as effectively as I can.

Steve said...


I've been slow to get through things with this SD trip coming up, but I am so happy for you! I hope they like the first chunk and request the rest, but not too soon for you to get it where you want it to be ;-)

Keep that five foot in the air walk earned it!

Kami said...

Thanks! I just have to wade out from under the pile of writing work I've made for myself and get to writing again.

I also have to prep for the Radcon art show and the panels I've gotten myself into. Goodness griefness, I have a ton of work piled on me.