Sunday, January 27, 2008

Submitting Again?

Tomorrow is Monday and it's time once again to drop another Masks query in the mail.  I'm starting to get better at this.  Although they wanted yet another format for the submission, I managed to put it together in about an hour and a half.  That's fast for me.

I think I'll go play on my website.  Some of the modifications I made to the synopsis (to make it fit on one page) gave me some ideas for my book descriptions.

I've got a nasty headache that keeps reaching evil blobs of tension into my neck.  Ugh.  I think it's the rapid changes in the weather, but I'm glad the wind has calmed down and the temperatures have risen.  I love the snow on the ground, and it feels relatively warm outside.  They say we're going to get snow again tonight.  We'll see.  Maybe I can spend the day with my family and get some writing in edgewise.  What would really be nice is if I could get some painting done too.  I haven't cleared out the time and space for that in ages.

Somewhere in there I need to make time to make a snowman.


Carissa said...

Yay for submitting again! Wouldn't it be funny if they did remember you? 'Hey, here's that submission I asked for. Wow, is it really late.' Hehe. I think you're safe though.

Hope your headache is gone. I'm coming down with Kate's cold, again. Third time this season. Grr.

We have a pretty dusting of snow down here, but not enough to a good sized snow man. Maybe a mini snow man.

Kami said...

Update on the sub--I got it out of the house. It's in other hands now. May it get delivered accurately and speedily!