Sunday, September 9, 2007

Moved On.


Our Vancouver NaNo friend Squeaks, has moved on, away from the Pacific Northwest area and away from the Ink & Paper small publishing company he helped form in the Portland area. As of last week, according to the web site, he has gone back to Utah to "be close to his family and his religion."

Okay. Whatever that means.

Anyway, several of the imprints of Ink & Paper seem to be very happy of their new-found freedom and of the change, making me think things may not have ended well. If I remember correctly at last year's NaNo get-together at Olive Garden in Vancouver, Squeaks graciously sent out an offer toward any and all Vancouver area NaNo-ers to bring in their finished NaNo project, personally guaranteeing the MSs would be read and commented on free of charge. I, for one, aren't going to count on that still being the case but then again, I didn't plan on taking him up on the offer anyway. My preferred written genre isn't anything they would ever be interested in which were, according to several editors I talked to last year, mostly 'happy,' uplifting themes of hope and salvation included within the SF genre.


KamiZM said...

If you need an extension I might be able to pull one out of a hat! Let me know.

Carole said...

Not me. I don't tend to write happy stories, nor do I really want to. Thank you, though.

KamiZM said...

So has anyone determined one way or another if they're a vanity-ish publisher? From what I could tell they were sort of riding the edge between small press and you press.

Ris said...

One way to find out is to see if the bricks-n-mortar bookstores carry any of their titles. Barnes & Noble won't carry vanity press titles (at least they wouldn't back in my day) and Borders might be the same.

KamiZM said...

I did a web search for a poetry book that they crowed about, as it had won an award. It doesn't appear to be for sale anywhere except for a few online discount outlets.

Things that make you say hmm.