Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm Bad, I'm Bad, You Know It

And just a day after my rant about not having any stories finished and needing to set goals, I start a new story.

But it's not my fault! It's not!

It's the dream's fault. It was all eerie and cool, filled with characters and settings and even a plot! How could I resist! I mean, ready made story, just begging to be put on paper. Opening paragraph and everything. Narrator's voice, conflict, really awesome antagonist, I was doomed! Doomed I say!

I wrote six pages this morning and I'll probably go back for more. Heck, might even be dragging the typewriter along so I can write more on this during the camping trip. I just want to write enough to capture the creepiness of it all before the dream completely fades.

Too bad it isn't closer to Nano. This would have been my Nano story, I think. But no way I'm a waiting a month and a half to write it. I'm writing it now, hot dammit!

I haven't forgotten Inkwell Cult, though. I'll sit down and finish the first edit today and take a hard copy to do one more read through on the trip. In between writing pages on The English Boy.

All I can say is, why now? And WOO HOO!

Damned, this would have made a good writers workshop submission. Sigh. Next year.

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