Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I'm very glad I'm working on this writers workshop submission. Even when I'm drowning in crap, not sleeping at night, and genuinely wishing this week were over already. It's all teaching me lots of useful things about how I work, how I don't work, and how so not ready I am to be submitting yet.

But I'm not throwing in the towel. At least, not until Thursday, which is my deadline since we're going out of town.

It's frustrating that I have so many stories (I mean, for submitting 7500 words, I have six potential stories to use) but have none of them even close to submission quality. I know that hasn't been my goal this year, but it does so me that I need to get a couple more things finished and start working on second drafts to the nano stories to get them to the proper lengths. I think after I finally get something submitted (only the muse knows what that might be at this point), I'll be taking time to seriously address the stories I have in the works and readdress my goals. We're getting close to the end of the year, and since this was the year for working on middles, I need to start choosing things that are well into the middles to start working up endings so I can start the editing process.

That gives me three nano stories (The 8th Day, Inkwell Cult, and Phantoms) and two current wips (Mummy Case and Warrior Storm). All of them need firmer direction (can everyone say 'synopsis'?) and the first three need complete rewrites.

Which will leave Faith of the Four, Rome in Egypt, Edan Ro, and Bishop Takes Queen by the wayside, except those I could work up with some direction and pull out when I'm feeling the need for something new, which happens every couple of months.

But first I have to finish this damned submission packet. And with Faith of the Four falling apart before my very eyes, that leaves me working with something I'm not done any preparation for. Inkwell Cult is in the wings, since it has the closest thing to a synopsis already, but if that starts dissolving, I'm in serious trouble.

Damned procrastination streak. Well, better noticed now than when it really counts, as in making $$ counts.

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