Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lost in Edits

I've been neck deep in edits and loving every minute of it. Between judging the romance contest, which is heavy on critique notes and reworking my Inkwell Cult excerpt and its synopsis, I haven't done much new writing. Except in my head.

But I do love the process of editing. I love twisting the story around, moving whole sections forward or back, cutting superfluous scenes, picking out the best parts of description and dialogue and ending up with something I can be proud of. It's the best part of writing for me, because the end result is something I'm glad I did and not something that I know is going to take lots of work to get close to my vision of the story. The edited piece is my vision of the story, the new and improved vision, and I sit back with real satisfaction at a job well done. I can spend hours editing, and I have the past few days, whereas I tend to burn out of blue-screen writing after just an hour or two.

Editing is my thing, no question. But that means I have to have something to edit, so I need to be good and keep up with my daily blue-screen writing in conjunction with editing and synopsis writing, and not let those more enjoyable parts of the craft take the place of the foundation writing.

So at some point today, I'm determined to get my three pages in. And then more editing! Woo hoo! I have another 40,000 words of Inkwell to get through and then I'll be daily writing it to the end. I want a rough draft finished by Orycon. I've already started practicing my pitches for it, both the one liner, the shorter summary and the longer detailed. It helps having the short synopsis to go off of, but I definitely need practice talking it out. I need to hit the right tone of conversational but focused. Not an easy thing for me when speaking without notes. But that's what practice is for.

Say, INKers, we should get together closer to Orycon for pitching practice. Sound like fun? Of course, getting together for any reason sounds fun at this point! I miss my INK friends!

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