Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Happy Day

I found this in my inbox this morning:
Dear Carissa,
Congratulations, you made Honorable Mention for your story The Spirits of Iceholm for the second quarter.
Join me in a Snoopy Dance?

And thank you, INK members, for helping me make this my best story yet.


StirlingEditor said...

WOOHOO!*Snoopy dance is currently commencing* Congratulations, Ris. Well done!

Kami said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Awesome awesome! Congratulations! That is fabulous news.

C.S. said...

I KNEW you could do this! Many, many Congrats!

Carissa said...

Thanks, everyone! All this means so much more with INK standing with me.

See ya Friday!

Steve said...


See you Friday!

yeff said...

Ris --

Woohoo! Congratulations! I hope that helps cure the "haven't been writing much" blues (from the previous post).

That, and chatting with David Levine at the May INK meeting. He's great!

Have fun and keep on trucking!

- yeff