Friday, May 23, 2008

Announcements Part Trois

Thank you, Cheri and Kami, for all that wonderful information! You've both been so productive.

My announcement is that I haven't done one blessed thing.

Writing anyway.

I have, however:
  • watched several PBS movies based on Jane Austen's novels
  • gotten quite far in a new cross-stitch design that I've been wanting to stitch for some time now
  • gone for a long walk with Beau and Kate during a break in the rain and marveled at the sound of the water dripping between leaves while the birds chattered
  • finished reading a wonderful novel by Agatha Christie
  • read through far too many magazines
  • realized that the perfect foil to my Creepy Frenchmen is not a German (how cliche) but a Swede (love the accents)
  • added a Pretty French Interpreter to give Gus someone to smile at (because Creepy Frenchman does not smile)
  • reworked the opening of Trinket Box (in my head)
  • toured my garden in the rain
  • put music on both my blogs that I listen to obsessively when online
  • realized that I prefer apple pie cold as opposed to warm out of the oven

So, while no actual writing is going on, I've done a lot of it in my head in the midst of all the other daydreamy-type things I've been doing. Oh, and a few dishes. Not nearly enough dishes, but they aren't going anywhere and the iris blooms will last only so long, you know.


Carissa said...

The html must have been reading as I wrote, because it gave my idents little flowers instead of dull old dots.

Aren't they lovely?

StirlingEditor said...

Oh my gosh! Aren't those PBS Jane Austen movies lovely? I've had them on Tivo, and I've been rewatching them--"Cranford" was cute too.

Good for you, taking a break. Sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered. Keeps you sane and fresh when you come back to the typewriter.

Carissa said...

I adore Jane Austen and I've highly enjoyed the movies! I finished watching the last one today, sadly.

I missed Cranford, sigh. I may ask my friend to tape anything from Masterpiece theater, just so I don't miss them, if he doesn't mind. Which means I'll have to get him some new tapes, as I don't think I want to relinquish the Austen movies to be taped over.

Yes, I have no Tivo. I'm so behind the times . . .