Thursday, May 29, 2008


Heya, gang! I hope you've figured out how to get together tomorrow night for the INK meeting!

I sent out my critiques through email last night, and this morning find that I cannot get into my email inbox (grr, Comcast, very annoyed with them right now). So if you didn't receive them, or you had questions or comments, I won't be able to do anything about it until next week. I apologize and I hope the critiques were received.

I'll be thinking about you all as I'm toasting s'mores in front of the campfire with the reservoir reflecting stars behind me!


Kami said...

Bummer! One thing I'm dreading if we get cable out here (there are a bunch of neighbors trying to woo the cable company to run a line) is that if I want high speed internet I'll have to change from my beloved, constant, personalized, talk-to-a-human-when-I-call, tech support gods ISP. Between the cost and the loss of the ISP I love, it may not be worth it.

C.S. said...

Comcast was hacked for a little while the other day. I just perused the story about it over on All is good with Comcast now.