Friday, May 2, 2008

Disappointment in little self-addressed envelopes

I finally got my rejection from Writers of the Future in the mail.  Guess I'll just have to keep writing, and keep sending out stories.

Oh, wait, I'm doing that anyway.  Hey, I'm ahead of the game.  Whoodathunk?

Still no word from Flash Fiction Online.  They've got the May edition up on the web, btw.  No excuse not to read it.  It's all flash, all the time, so don't pretend you don't have a spare nanosecond, especially since I know you're peeking at blog sites right now.  That's right, you!

I'm looking forward to the May INK meeting.  The esteemed and unnaturally friendly David Levine will be our guest.  Read his blog.  Say nice things about his writing.  We like him.  Also, send good thoughts in the direction of Jay Lake.  We like him too.

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