Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Close Enough for a Banana

Well, I've mucked as far as I want to muck on my WotF story without further feedback from the INKers. It's down to 3300 words from, what was it, 4500? Anyway, with the deadline up this close, it may be time to just move on to the submission package part of all this. I wish that part took zero time, but it always takes me hours, if not days or, in the case of my agent queries, weeks.

Speaking of agent queries, mine is sitting in limbo. Time to add my web page address and ship the puppy off, I think. It's doing no good sitting in my email draft box. So unless anyone up and screams "No, Kami, don't do it!" I'll be sending that off tonight or tomorrow.

The new printer works fabulous so far. It'll be fun to print out my story and cover letter on it.

Good luck everyone! Let's do this thing.


Carissa said...


And while you're at it, get Colorized in the mail too.

I have one more day with A Fool's Errand, then it's leaving, too. Yay! I'll be glad to ship it off. No more futzing with it then.

Carole said...

Time to stop cutting bait and go fish, as someone once said to me. (Actually I think it had something to do with getting off the toilet, but the fish reference sounded much nicer.)