Saturday, October 6, 2007

Getting Carded

I finally ordered business cards. The price was just right--free! And not the print 'em yourself variety, either. They are coming from VistaPrint, an online printing source that my mom's using for her big party invitations, so I've seen what they can do. They ran a special, 250 premium business cards free except for shipping.

It's funny how long I messed with the wording. I kept calling TC over to have a look. I like what I ended up with. Detailed without being too much, I think. And hey, free. I can always do another set if I end up not liking them or I change my genres.

The best part is the little feather quill and inkwell design. Very fitting for Inkwell Cult. I'm excited for them to come in, but I have to wait til the end of the month. I opted for the slowest, and least expensive, shipping. Hehe.

I feel all professional. You know, without the income.


Carole said...

Thank you for that business card link! Okay, sure, sure, one has to go through six or seven screens trying to get you to buy stuff at the end, but I also found a great design and have 250 of them coming my way too!

Thanks again!

Ris said...

I'm glad it was helpful!

I was very tempted to buy the t-shirt with my name and design on it. But how dorky would that be, walking into the writers workshop with my name on my shirt? TC wisely talked me out of it.

Carole said...

Wise man!