Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eyes half shut

I'm so sleepy I feel like I'm walking around with my eyes half shut.

I have Halloween off and I'm thinking about spending it taking a nap. But instead I'll try to pull my act together and get this place ready for a party for the kids and their friends, complete with homebaked pies and cookies, pizza, hot cider, mulled wine for the grownups, candy, scary movies, and of course midnight writing. If any INKers would care to join us you're more than welcome! BTW I plan on using only minimal brown sugar and honey in one of the apple pies, no white cane sugar, and a thin crust. Not sure if that helps. Also I'm planning on having fresh chopped up veggies, oil and vinegar dressing for dip, a cheese platter, cream cheese and dill for the celery, and probably some cold cuts. I may also finally grab the diabetic eating recipe book we have at BiMart that has some sort of apple bake on it that looks fabulous.

One must be fortified for writing, after all, with healthy goodies. And I'll need plenty of propping up. There's a lot of writing to do and I want a big, big head start for Nano this year, after just missing the finishing line last year. I'm not sure what's going to happen when I start writing on Mayhem. One thing for certain--it will feel very good to embrace these characters once more, people who have become almost living friends to me over the years.


Ris said...

Ooo, the party sounds fun! But I'd better keep my cold at home for a little longer. Plus I'm not really suppose to drive on one of the pills they gave me. I gets woozy.

Which means, for a fifth time, I won't be staying up until midnight to start writing. Me and late nights tend not to mix, even when I'm in good health. So I'll be getting up at my usual wee hours of the morning to start, which works out well for me.

I'm hoping I'll feel closer to my old self come Friday and the library write in!

Carole said...

The party does sound like fun but regrettably, I'm not going to be able to make it. Steve’s having an ‘interesting’ time walking this week and I’m having to drive him to and from work. In three of the past six years, he’s had a MS flare-up the last week of October/first week in November and it looks like this might be the case yet again. Could be related to work stress as this time of year is usually project end/new project beginning time and everyone's set to pulling-hair-out mode.

I’m still going to try going to the NaNo/Washougal Library thing Friday evening but not sure what time I’ll get there. If his exacerbation turns ugly, I might been grounded here at home for a while.

Have tons of fun!