Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Aisle of Dr. Murrow

I just started reading the Island of Dr. Moreau, as in three pages barely got started, and I'm already sucked in. Man, can H.G. Wells write! I'd keep reading except I have a tonne of housework, writing and painting to do. I read in the bathroom and sometimes in the evenings. That's my 'my' time when I let myself relax without feeling guilty. Anyway, I think my painting pace will suffer greatly. I'll be reading instead of working on extra painting at night.

It's an especial treat to read this particular book because it's an antique: 1927 edition. It includes the novelization of the screenplay by Silva after the Wells text. The book just feels good to hold, and I wonder who's owned it over the years.

It's also fun to read because of a cowritten book Ris and I are working on. It puts the animal people of our book into literary historical context. Because of the significance of a particular hallway in our book, I made up the giggling secret nickname for our book just now--the aisle of Dr. Murrow. Too bad we don't have a Dr. Murrow--but that would be way more than a nod to Wells. That would be going too far.

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Ris said...

I should read that novel again. I remember enjoying it immensely, but it's been several years.

The Oingo Boingo song rocks, too, btw. It's right up there with Alan Parsons Project's album, Tales of Mystery and Imagination, with the Cask of Amontillado (my favorite Poe short story).

I guess you are Revening up again, huh? Hehe. I should print off the story so far and start rereading for the new edit attempt after the holidays.

We should totally set a goal with the Reven story. Hmm, like a title. ;-)