Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Little pieces of progress

I'm getting there.

A bit ago I was whining about how my schedule disrupted daily writing. Well, I'm daily writing again. Sometimes it's just a few paragraphs, but that's all I need. I think. Here we are at June 13th, almost halfway through the month that will mark the halfway point in the year, and I have got to get hopping to get this thing done before December 31st because I am NOT buying a PC, thank you! Time pressure is good, though. Time pressure means that when I start writing excuses in my head (I'm really good at writing excuses, too) the overriding image will always be a rubbery-faced salesperson with a half-smile asking what kind of PC I'm looking for today.

In Masks, Mark is drunk, very very drunk. It's fun impairing him when important things are going on. I don't think he'll get drunk like this again in a long, long time, if ever. Ah, nineteen. Yes, we make stupid mistakes like this when we're nineteen.

It's my first official day as a jester and I've just been invited to a party for which I'm not in the least bit prepared. I know! I'll go find a cute guy and he and I will kill a bottle of high-percent alcohol together! This will relieve my stress!

Mmm hmm.

Did you tell anyone where you were going, Mark?

Uh, was I supposed to?

What if someone sees you?

Um, would that be bad?

You've already had an attempt on your life in this part of town. Might you not be attacked again?

What are the odds?

Can you figure the odds?

Um, hang on. Let's see. Uh ... what was the question again?

I rest my case. And there's a knock on the door. Who is it, Mark?

I hope it's someone who can pour me home ...

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