Sunday, June 17, 2007

Peering Through the Contruction

Slowly piecing my days back together, but it's been slow going lately. It seems to take more time to prepare and then debrief after a vacation than it does to actually take the vacation itself. Add the fact that my Mom underwent elective surgery on Friday and will need help at home for at least the next week, and my days have slowly not become my own. If they ever really are, having a toddler and a dog and a husband to keep up with three-quarters of the time. I've given myself permission to take the one quarter that is mine when I'm not doing dishes and cooking and keeping up with the places to do whatever sounds relaxing. Like reading far too many comic books or watching back to back mystery shows on TV.

Which means not a lot of script writing happening. But I'm still muddling through.

In other news, we are piecing the computer back together, now, too. It's running faster and with less errors since TC did a hard core system restore, but now we have to weed out all the newer programs that the restore corrupted (like Norton, unfortunately--I'm back to emailing them to get Live Update to run again) or deleted, like my Word program. Which isn't a big--I have the disk for the Word program. I just haven't dug it out of the basement boxes yet. And TC's graphics card. Everything is HUGE on the screen right now and slightly pixeled at times. But it's nice to be able to boot up and run programs without waiting ten times longer than what we should, and my new spysweeper program, which I got up and running again with very little difficulty, totally rocks.

I'm still jonesing for a laptop though. I eyed the cheapies on sale for Father's Day, but I think I'm going to wait out the next six months and go for a nice, low end Mac laptop at the beginning of next year. Because I just read about this cool writing program that combines notes, research and does lots of neat formatting and it is only available on a Mac. And TC's games don't run on a mac, so he won't be tempted to abscond with it. And I do miss our old Mac . . .

I guess Kami's infected me with all her talk of a new Mac. Change is good, though.

But for now, the Lady Gray is calling my name. Time to get typing so I can at least make a show of keeping up with Script Frenzy.

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