Friday, January 30, 2009

INK meeting.

INK meeting tonight, the last one before RadCon5 A! Panel reviews, upcoming workshops, treasury audit, new name, info packet progress, perhaps even time for Writers Round Table. If not, Scrabble is always good for the wordiness of a writer's soul.


Kami said...

I had a lot of fun and I felt like we got good work done. So here's a question--do we need to set an ending time so that I don't keep you guys up to late? When you come over then you usually just leave when you get tired, but as y'all know I'll just go on and on when I go over there.

Midnight sound fair? Or just keep playing it by ear?

C.S. said...

Eleven or midnight is fair. Last night was fun and productive but it was a little hard getting up this morning for the usual weekend errand runs.