Thursday, January 8, 2009

INK meeting tomorrow!

There's an INK meeting tomorrow at the sekrit cat cave!  I can't wait!  There's lots to talk about.  Conventions, regress reports, dues, goals, events, and the ever-popular socializing and yammering about our projects.

Also, don't forget the Washougal writing meeting is on the 24rth, and Radcon is coming up fast.

See y'all soon!


C.S. said...

Yippee for INK! 6? I hope. Easy eats. Veggies and popcorn and tea! Let's all bring laptops and write some too.

Kami said...

Good idea! I'll definitely bring my laptop, unless I forget, in which case I won't. But I'm charging it up under the assumption that I won't forget.

Yes to six. Sounds fabulous!! Can I bring something? I was thinking sweet green, red and yellow peppers and some homemade oil/vinegar dressing. Either of you allergic to and/or repulsed by dill?

C.S. said...

Only bring stuff if you want it. We will probably have already eaten.