Saturday, January 10, 2009

INK meeting a success

We had a lot of bureaucratic stuff to do, and we got most of it completed.  Yay!  Dues are back in force after a short hiatus, we have some updates, some goals, some definitions, and we're exploring a change in web presence.  We'll keep y'all posted.

We've decided to donate part of our funds to a literary charitable cause.  Hopefully we didn't miss some sort of deadline.  Even if we did, I like the idea of paying our dues back into the writing community, so we'll find another one we're excited about if the one we chose doesn't pan out.

I paid a penalty for not making one of my December goals.  D'oh!  I knew that skimping out on editing Masks would bite me on the butt.  That'll learn me.

Good observations at Flights of Fantasy on some of the strange attitudes that appear with the sense of entitlement some authors have in regard to being published.  It got me thinking, so I blogged about an additional thought on that subject.


C.S. said...

Good for you on seeing and commenting on the vanity publishing front. Great meeting last night. I've come to love our January meetings because it wraps up the previous year and invigorates the one coming. Awesome ideas were voiced last night. Go INK!

One more January meeting and then on to RadCon. I'm excited!

Kami said...

I'm excited too! I wonder if the timing at Radcon will be similar to our first year, with results from WotF coming in! I think that's a particularly good day for you.

No pressure. Just win it, C.S.!