Thursday, March 27, 2008

Polyphony 1

I've decided to read the Polyphony publications in an effort to give my pitiful short story writing skills a much-needed booster.  I'm learning a lot.  

I'm a tough reader.  If there's a technical issue I'm quickly tossed out of the story as my internal editor wakes up and decides to modify while I read.  My internal editor is a very light sleeper at the moment since I'm working on polishing Masks.  The first stories in Polyphony 1, though interesting, had my internal editor pestering me as I read.  Not so with Victoria Elisabeth Garcia's brilliant "Anthropology."  I devoured this story.  I find it even more remarkable because this is Victoria's first publishing credit.  Go Victoria!  The story is in the style of our own C.S. Cole, full of teeth and luscious detail and nail-biting, and definitely on the fringe of the big three genres--SF, Fantasy, Horror.  It's all and yet none.  I'm very glad I picked up a copy of Polyphony 1 at the library now.  I plan to purchase or borrow the rest of the series over time based on my experience with this story alone.  Maybe we can start an INK library and have the Polyphony series in it, as well as all our (eventually) published works, of course.

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