Monday, March 3, 2008

Meet Abba

I gots me a new laptop! Yup, you read right! Me! A laptop!


We spent about an hour and a half going through them at Best Buy with lots of help from two awesome sales associates. The one he found for us and that TC jumped on is an HP Pavilion TK-57. And before any of you say anything about our choice other than "Good call" or "Yay," I'll have you all know I tried to call everyone I knew with a laptop for recommendations (that means Carole and Steve, Kami, and my Mom, who just got a new one with help from computer whiz Curt), and absolutely no one was home (or near their phones). So I trusted to Fate, and Zack and Olympia and TC (and hey, how can you go wrong with a sales associate named Olympia?).

I'm very excited to get to know my new laptop. I'm calling him Abba, as in the bishop title, not the band. Though I kinda like the band. Maybe both are appropriate.

I have a huge learning curve, though, with Vista and the new Word program. And I asked about issues with the new Word program, remembering that Steve had major problems, so I feel somewhat girded for battle. I'll be playing with it today. No, I'm not currently using the laptop to write this--we pick it up today from the store, as I used their coolly dubbed Geek Squad to optimize it for me.

Whee! Laptop! I'm so excited!


Kami said...

Huh. I was home all day. I bet you were calling my cellphone, which is currently in Redmond.

Awesome news! Congratulations, and welcome Abba to INK!

BTW, big ABBA fan here, though Dancing Queen--eh. I'm much more of a Visitors kind of ABBA fan.

Carissa said...


And yeah, I called your cell phone, as I'm use to you being the one with it.