Saturday, May 26, 2007

I'm Loving It

I have my typewriter and it is such a huge improvement! I couldn't wait to get to it this morning. I got out almost four pages without pause (well, there was the pause for coffee, and then the one to set Kate up with a show, and then she wanted juice . . .). I love how it feels and I'm so glad I followed my gut with it.

The best part is having a stack of written pages at my elbow. It's so much more visceral (to borrow Kami's awesome word from last night) to have the pages right there. It is much easier to feel like a writer when I have a solid representation of my labors laid out before me. It makes me want to scoop up the pages and start editing!

But that must wait a while longer. I may, however, be forced to share excerpts at our get togethers, though. Which might be fun to do.

Speaking of which, it was great to see everyone again last night! I come away inspired, as always, even when my writing isn't on the group chopping block. It is good to hear other interpretations of critiques and to have them not always agree, because it gets me to thinking in a new perspective and that is always a bonus.

And while I'm eager to lay my own sacrifice upon the chopping block, I know I'm not there yet. I need to reach that point when I can do my own private evisceration first.

But the script, when I've finished it, will be fair game, because it will be such a new lifeform for us to examine. I'll happily offer it to the altar of inspiration to be pecked at by the crows of curiosity. In July, when it is done.

Only five more days before it is time to write it. I hope I'll be ready. Oh, who am I fooling? I won't be ready, but I'll write it anyway.

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