Sunday, May 13, 2007

Getting Together

Great evening last Friday! It is so nice to get together every couple of weeks to talk stories and writing and whatnot. I come away with my batteries recharged and I'm ready to write!

I'm looking forward to reading more on Enthusiast (thanks for the next two chapters, Carole) and reading the new version of Masks (thanks for the first four chapters, Kami). I'm curious about the dark fantasy short story, too, Carole, though I must admit I'm a little afraid to read it. Horror-esque and I are on shaky ground together. But I will read it!

I'm eager to start submitting stuff of my own for you two to fuss over, but I know I'm not ready for that yet. At least not until my script is done (when you'll be oh so tired of it!). I'm pleased that I'm holding myself back from rushing into a critique, as is my usual inclination. It just does me no good, and wastes your time, too, to have a piece critiqued that I know is flawed and can guess where most of those flaws are. Much better to have a piece critiqued that I think is strong and can no longer find the flaws and gaffs and rough places as easily. I'm looking forward to that day, but I can't say when it will come. Not yet. Maybe when I get closer to the end of Mummy Case or Warrior Storm.

For now, I'm enjoying being a part of your editing process and keeping my word count flowing!

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