Thursday, May 3, 2007


The trouble with obsessions (read more about this on my personal blog--link to the left) is that they don't let you alone long enough to concentration on the things that need doing.

I've been fighting starting a new story for a few days now, and when I finally broke down and tapped out 400 words on it, I learn that the newest incarnation of the month-long writing challenge begins in less than a month. I've been planning to participate in Script Frenzy (again, see link to the left) since I heard about it last November. Now it is almost upon us and I had nearly forgotten about it!

But not to fear, I remembered just in time to see the site go live. I'm all signed up, profile updated and everything (Poetmage is my screenname there, for any who are interested), and, what is even better, I have this nifty story idea demanding an outlet! Woo hoo! No new novel for me (because, quite frankly, I've started a new one each month since starting my daily writing goal, and if I keep that up, I'll be juggling around fifteen stories by the end of the year--and that would just be silly).

I'm very pleased to have a story idea just demanding to be told, because the last time I contemplated Script Frenzy, I had no usable ideas at all, just a few vague notions that would shrivel up in the light of day. No longer! I have a solid, feasible idea that I get to develop over the next few weeks in anticipation of writing it as a script in June.

The problem is that I have to wait until June to start writing it, because that is when Script Frenzy officially begins. Month-long writing challenge, lasting through June, with 20,000 words the target goal.

Almost a whole month I have to wait, while this idea gnaws at me from all angles. I'm hoping just working on the development will give me some relief and let my concentrate on The Mummy Case, which is now over 15,000 words.

Not today, I think. My head is stuck in script-land, no matter what sort of fight I put up. I think its the newness, having just found the site live today and signed up and all. I'm excited and eager, but maybe tomorrow I'll have some perspective and can work in my daily writing without being quite as distracted. Today, I'm just going to give in and ride the wave of anticipation. I don't want to the anticipation to go away, not completely, but I'm going to need a little breathing room if anything else is going to get done. And I mean ANYTHING else. The sinks are full of dishes, I can't remember if I ate lunch, Kate did only because she stood next to my desk chair and kept repeating "Something to eat, Mommy, something to eat." The floors are sprouting kittens worth of cat hair and I think I may have forgotten to put on deodorant.

So tomorrow I'll concentrate on things like writing on The Mummy Case and putting on deodorant and feeding Kate before she has to hit me over the head with her empty sippy cup. Today I'm riding the wave. And tossing food to Kate as I go.

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