Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Stealing bits of time

I got some work done on Masks last night, which is to say I hid in my office with nothing but the plastic clattering of the keys to spark the dark and quiet. Even with a late almost-9pm start, it felt good to steal some rare time to do what I used to do for hours all day. That was before job, before bouts of colds that left me too pooped to even putter, before the house decayed into my own version of a Pit of Despair.

The PoD is cleaner now and, assuming I keep my health and the crick don't rise, I should be able to steal more bits of time to write without compromising the local ecosystem or passively inviting vermin in to feast on the leavings in the kitchen. It's almost project season (have to laugh because I've already started projects--rose garden, shelving, etc.) so picking up the writing pace now is a good thing. Hopefully I'll be back in the habit of daily writing before the distractions start up in earnest.

Meanwhile, still in chapter four but approaching the critical moment. Once I hit that peak I can move on to the port and set sail for tropical paradise. Ah, paradise, where exotic birds watch the humans plot and die, and dolphins frolic in the waves. Home sweet home.

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