Thursday, August 6, 2009

Submission Machine

I went on a total submission spree.  Now almost all my inventory is out, leaving the remaining few still at home whining about when it's going to be their turn.  I've got seven things out at the moment.  That's not bad for someone who doesn't usually write short stories, eh?  I've got three 'problem children' I'd like to tweak a bit before sending them out again and a few more that I'm not quite satisfied with enough to debut.  If I can get all of that done and away out the door, I think I'll have a non-zero chance of making a second sale.  

Not a shabby August so far, not at all.

I've upped my month goals because I finished them, and it's only the 6th.  I've got to have at least a shot at failure here!

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