Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Chick Lit, Dick Lit: Really Not So Different.

Chick Lit, a genre sub-set of young women's fictional literature, is a term that sets my teeth on edge. Though I have read and own enough chick lit to know what it is, I am most definitely not a fan. For the record, I never understood the popularity of "Sex and the City" or 'Sex in the City" or whatever that series/movie was called either; the TV equivalent to chick lit. Too much whining. Too much flip-flopping. No one knows what they want. Bores me to tears.

No, I lean more toward male-oriented fiction both in my writing and reading. Sometimes I enjoy the rare intelligent, strong fictional woman's story (TRULY intelligent and strong which is much, much harder to create than that would seem - it shouldn't be because the writer tells me that's what their female lead is [I've read way too much of that lately and am just as guilty of writing it myself]).

Lately I've begun to realize what I'm writing and reading are really just men's versions of chick lit, complete with all the whining, and after mentioning it to INK member Steve, he came up with the correct terminology for it - Dick Lit. Crude, yes, but right on the money.

Steve isn't a crude man but he's observant. He knows chick lit, has read it and understands it, and he knows all too well most of what I've written and the demographic to whom I direct most of my writing efforts toward. His term 'Dick Lit' nails it square. Though I have my doubts, I hope someday he gets credit for it.

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Kami said...

Personally I love the term dick lit!