Monday, June 16, 2008

Throttled by the Wire

I didn't quite make the INK deadline Friday. I worked a solid five hours on my story and got up to the last few pages, but then the story took a needed sidestep which included adding a new scene. And by ten minutes to midnight, I knew I was in no shape to write a new scene, so I tossed in the towel, emailed INK with mea culpas and a request to submit late, and went to bed.

I am, however, pleased with the story. It is shaping up nicely, and depending on what INK does to it at our next critique session, it might be my best short story to date.

Which isn't hard when I only have three completed.

But still, three!

Today I'll be finishing off the story and doing one last read through before sending it off to INK. And then I'll let myself relax for all of five minutes and pick up tomorrow, hopefully with my novel. It's been over a month since I worked on it last and it is calling my name.


Kami said...

Here's to getting lots of writing done, even if you didn't make it under that wire! BTW, I keep imagining this comic noise when I think about being throttled by the wire. Been there, done that, have the sore neck to prove it.

Carissa said...

Writing! Yes! Finally!

Yesterday didn't work out so well with bathroom painting and Kate not feeling well. I'd paint for a bit, then sit down and hold her while she watched a show, then paint, then hold her . . . It was nice to have the cuddle time, as she rarely slows down long enough anymore, but I was planning on painting, then writing, then painting.

Oh well, the painting is finished and Kate is better, so onwards and upwards now!