Sunday, June 8, 2008

INK Summer Schedule?

I would like to propose an INK "Summer Schedule" meeting venue in which INK would get together for its regular 7 p.m. meetings around town beginning with the June 20th meeting until we go back off Daylight Savings Time. Coffee houses, bookstores, cafes; places that would be conducive to writers and writing, where we can meet, talk, offer advice, and include group exercises.

Thoughts? Or is this just a bad idea?


Kami said...

Sounds great except I'm going to be picky and insist on the following--

That we get to sit out in your beautiful back yard at least once for a meeting, that the business is open way late, and that wherever we meet isn't noisy/busy on Friday nights.

Carissa said...

I concur with Kami. I have a harder and harder time hearing the conversation when we are in busy places.

I'd like to throw in the ring that my basement is being reorganized, so I have room to set up a table and chairs and I have a really comfy loveseat down there, too, so we could meet down there and call it our secret INKcave. It is also very cool in there in the summer, and if the evenings are nice, we can move out to the back yard (which is rather like being in a meadow right now, as I've not mowed).

I'd also like to throw in about meeting in Kami's garden, maybe with the fire pit going . . .?

Carissa said...

I just had a thought. We could meet at parks, too. I have some camp chairs and the park near us, Crown Park, has excellent tree coverage and lots of places to set up a little get together away from the playgrounds.

C.S. said...

The INKcave is a wonderful idea! And Crown Park would be cool too! And Kami's backyard and your backyard and maybe even my backyard (if the weather cooperates)...excellent ideas. Gets us fresh air and fresh scenery for fresh scenes to write.

Thank you both!