Thursday, April 17, 2008

Passive: Progress is being made

Passive or not, I am making writing progress.  Eets just verry verry slllooowww.  I had something going on every day off, and I had a lot off in a row.  I'd be frustrated, but it got to the point where I just had to laugh.  Starting out with a last minute prom prep helped.  Always begin with a high note before plunging into the pit, if possible.  My first day back at work this week I was still dealing with the fallout from a water pump failure that cascaded into a water tank replacement.  But it's all good.  I still managed to get some editing done at the Fireside and some critiquing done this morning while the tank was being installed.

Which, btw, sadly I'll be late, verrry laaaate to INK tomorrow because I close.  I should be there around 8:30 or 9pm.  Knowing our INKiness, ya'll will still be in full swing.  Just in case, though, I'll email everyone my finished critique tomorrow morning before I leave for work.

If I remember.

Provided nothing else drastic comes along.

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